Capitol Prayer Rally Aug 2018

COME JOIN US AT CALIFORNIA STATE CAPITOL FOR A PRAYER RALLY AUG 14 – 15TH. NUMBERS SPEAK LOUDER THAN SILENCE . Lets PLAN and SHOW UP by the THOUSANDS. What – a MESSAGE that would send to our lawmakers. THEY WILL BE FORCED TO LISTEN TO US! When we don’t SHOW UP they think “WE DON’T CARE”! Lawmakers think we don’t “VALUE OUR FREEDOMS”. Can we count on you to join us in Sacramento August 14 & 15th and share this info with others you know?


URGENT – July Governor’s Prayer Team
As the “Governor’s Prayer Team” we are part of a nationwide effort to pray for those in authority so that public-policy would more closely follow principles of right living.
(1 Tim. 2:1-3) 
 Failure to act, and failure to pray at this time is inexcusable. May God grant us forgiveness for our sins against Him, and pour forth a spirit of repentance and renewal on His people, and the nation.
Monday Mornings,
8 a.m.
Access code 764107
Prepare now for August 14 and 15!
Why bring the heat to Sacramento in August? This is when they will be deciding some of the worst measures ever presented..
      “If they can’t see the light, make them feel the heat.”
Some of the worst legislation ever devised in American history is now being pushed to the final meeting of this legislature, which returns in mid-August, and will adjourn at the end of that month.
AB 2153 makes EVERY school teacher a recruiter for LGBTQ lifestyle.
AB 2943 makes it a crime to counsel someone who wishes to quit that lifestyle.
AB 282 protects from prosecution those who encourage, cajole and promote abortion to those with an illness. This includes heirs, and third-party individuals with their own motives, nursing home employees, etc. As written, may allow for mass marketing of assisted suicide via radio and TV.
SB 320 – government distribution of abortion drug RU486 in state colleges and universities.
Today they decided to put these bills off! Now in August they will be dealing with these on the floor of each chamber, EVERY legislator will be voting on them. When issues are shunted through committees, a relatively small number of legislators are deciding. If activists groups tell their people throughout California to pressure the committee members, the vast majority of communications are from people OUTSIDE of their own districts.
Most recently in the Appropriation hearing of 2943 several committee members publicly commented in a supportive way regarding opposing the bill. BUT the actual vote recorded them supporting the odious bill. The ‘lobbyists’ were not their constituents!
When you speak with the decision makers FROM your own districts on an issue they are about to address, you are most powerful. EVERY Californian has a legislator who is going to vote on these bills. Now is the time to prepare for the floor vote in August.
Join us and thousands of newly awakened Californians, meet Governor Candidate, John Cox and Judge Steven Bailey, (Candidate for AG) as well as good legislators and candidates from throughout the state! (Banquet August 14th)
Make your voices heard! Save the dates! Discounted transportation and rooms will be made available.
More details coming soon!!!
Register now! Bring a group! Discount details soon. Decide – do you want your state back?
Are you coming to speak to YOUR legislator?
Take Back Sacramento, Banquet with John Cox (14th), Training and Lobby Day 

08/14/18 1:00pm  08/15/18 5:00pm 

Concerned California Christians come together to learn how civics works and to make their voice heard! Travel and lodging discounts soon!
I’ll be there! 
I can’t make it, but I want to help
Elections determine Legislators, Elections determine Judges
God has been VERY kind and gracious to us as a State! WE have not seen this kind of dramatic sweep in the Primaries in a long time! (see list of endorsed, California Prolife candidates who won!)
For two years, our Governor’s Prayer Team has been joined with thousands of other prayer warriors from across the nation and around the world! CALIFORNIA is an essential key in this country’s national battle! Let us push on to the end! Keep praying and working toward November’s results!
This coming week Life Matters examines the truth about the Girl Scouts! Every week is a new issue in each episode, plus breaking news updates!
Caucasian lawyer in court.  Law concept
Understand the Battle!
Listen to Life Matters about legislation and deep dive on life issues.
Please Pray for the ProLife candidates and coming elections
CA Capitol
Want to know what’s really happening in Sacramento?
Here’s a quick way to be a ‘detective’ for righteousness. Go to the state Legislative tracking website:
Go to BILL SEARCH Type in keyword
e.g. ‘transgender’ Look how many bills there are. Many of these already passed, some are symbolic, but many were just introduced in February.
Sacramento is a spiritually dangerous place. Please pray about helping stop these evils.
YOUR local officials have much more decision-making authority than you may know, Local District Attorney’s, City Councils, School Boards have dramatic influence on the events in your communities.
Be in prayer about who is running for these local offices, and prayerfully consider your citizen responsibility to:
  1. Determine who the candidates are
  2. Determine their existing positions on issues
  3. Educate them , now, while candidates, on issues of import.
As part of the national effort of state Governor’s (Government) prayer teams, the California Governor’s Prayer Team’s plan is to focus on the civic leaders of California and the decisions before them. (1 Tim.2:1-3) Specifically. while we continue to look at the state itself and state offices, it has always been the plan to make sure such focus was happening within each of California’s 58 counties.  
Many more individuals have become involved, since then and we are deeply appreciative. We want to now ensure that EACH COUNTY has active participation with the state concerns, and that the immediate needs in your County are being addressed.
We will be glad to help you and equip you with tools for this battle.
Valerie House of Lake County will be assisting in this effort to enumerate and clarify where Counties are functioning with such a team, and how your County can be involved.
Below you will find a list of Counties. Please respond to this e-mail by stating:
  • Your County – “Yes” I want to be involved with praying for my county’s civic leaders.”
  • Give your name, city and cell phone #
  • Find and affirm others that will join you
  • Look at other counties listed. If you know of someone who would be a candidate to be involved in civic issues/prayer in that county please give name, e-mail and phone. preceded by “I suggest__________ for ____________ County”
and give their information. You are NOT volunteering for them, there is no requirement other than a willing heart. We will contact them separately to see if they are willing . THERE IS NO PRESSURE
  The effectual fervent prayer of the righteous avails much.  James 5:16
For the State of California, the Republican Party is the only civic entity that espouses the principles that best reflect 1 Tim. 2:1-3. Those familiar with the Party will tell you that there is a need for courage and confidence within its ranks. Please pray. 
The Church, itself, is the salt for our entire culture; but relativism and the cultural embrace of ’emotion’ as a substitute for spiritual guidance has greatly weakened the voice of the Church. Pray for God’s people.
 The Governor, California judges, administrators and legislators also need our prayers.  Here is the list of California State Legislators  listed by their interests and commitments. Here is California’s Congressional Delegation
President Trump, Judge Neal Gorsuch, the newest judicial appointee and all of the President’s administration and appointees need prayer.