Elsa Could Have a Girlfriend in the Frozen Sequel

Hello Saints,

How you respond to this email, rather you take a minute to let your voice be heard and stand up for our children and grandchildren or ignore it and continue on with your busy day is Really Between You and God! I can only pray you will take one minute and let Disney know that you are just as discussed as I am prompted you to ACT!!
If Disney doesn’t hear from you – they think you don’t care and its ok you agree with the others who, so-called, sign a Petitioner for LGBTQ Programming for our Children!

Perry Stone told us this would happen: if Beauty and the Beast did well we would see the LGBTQ agenda in more Disney Reprogramming Targeting our Children.

Thank you to All who called Disney last time with Beauty and The Beast and Boycotted the movie with its LGBTQ agenda. Maybe someone can look up the number for me this time. My Birthday trip starts in 5 hours. Please call or email, email address to the scriptwriter, Jezebel is listed. Pretty bold, in your face name ah? Oh, How I Pray That Christians Would Be This Bold Also For Such A Time As This. If not you, then who will stand up??? If not NOW, WHEN???

Love you ALL!

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