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My first article. I went to a training last Thursday in Newberry Park near Thousand oaks.

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Commentary on Citizen Journal’s Writers Training Class | Can the Media Really be Fair and Balanced?

Added on July 29, 2018.
By Grace Wallace

Are you wondering what is happening to fair and balanced reporting in the media? Well, you have a voice and you can make a difference by presenting the facts of any story in an unbiased manner to the public.  As I sat in a training held in Newbury Park California, and hosted by ‘Citizens Journal, Ventura County, I realized that not only do I possess the basic skills to write, I also have an obligation to my local area to make sure there is a balance of voices going forth in my community.  Furthermore, you can do it, too!

The training was simple for the most part. The instructors were very patient and held over 50  collective years of writing and publishing experience.  They gave me a wealth of knowledge to draw from.  It’s one thing to have all that experience floating around, but are they accessible to me, you might be wondering. The answer to that question is a resounding, yes.  I was actually very impressed by the accessibility of the instructors, and I feel very comfortable that I can call on them any time I need assistance. It was understood that there will be a learning curve when it comes to the technical side of this necessary craft as I am not computer-savvy at all.  However, I am confident that it’s a skill set, and mindset, that I can master with God’s help and so can you.

Just think our community is waiting to hear both sides of the story.  I believe our local citizens would like to learn about the city, county and school board meetings along with other issues that affect the community and affect them directly. This is how we can bring awareness to our neighborhoods ,and this is how we affect culture change by fair, accurate reporting.  Let’s give the people the facts by exposing them to another side of the story they otherwise would have never experienced and allow them to make their own decisions.

It’s time to bring integrity back into the news cycle, and back into the media. It’s time to bring respect for one another’s opinions back into the conversation. It’s time to get back to the Liberty of free Ideals, real free-thinking which is the very essence of what this country was built on.

May free thinkers arise, and may we live a quiet peaceable life with all people.
Grace Wallace is a Co-Chair of CA4MAGA (California for make America great again) Santa Barbara Chapter and a member to Goleta Planning Committee.  She’s the founder of Stealth Bomber Prayer Warriors, and the prayer warrior for Arise International Ministries. She was raised in Detroit and lived in Utah for 21 years where she was Prayer Drive Coordinator for ten years.  She organize Prayer Rallys, visits to legislators offices, telephone and letter campaigns against damning bills coming out of Sacramento. She’s frequently featured on the Wiley Drake Radio Show informing citizens in details the effects of pending Bills/Laws and mobilizing them to Action!