Father in the name of Jesus,
I stand in the gap as a Pastor and Repent that I have not obeyed you and standing for righteousness in my church and the local community. I confess that I have feared the people and the Board of Directors than feared you!
 I have been afraid of people leaving the church if I speak up: Forgive me Oh Lord!
 I have dreaded the pushback I know I am going to receive if I say anything not politically correct: Forgive me oh Lord!
 I have been afraid of the decrease in offerings if I saw anything: Forgive me oh Lord!
Forgive me for not preaching sermons you gave me for the fear of their faces when I started speaking out against certain things that you still Lord consider SIN – for you change not and is the same yesterday, today and forevermore… FORGIVE ME OH LORD! Lord I ask for forgiveness for stopping every move of God when others stood up from the church or outside the church to motive my members to stand up and rise in the face of darkness and “Ungodly Bills” and waves of unrighteousness in our state and nation I have not been supportive, I have quench the Spirit. FORGIVE ME OH LORD
Forgive me for quench the spirit when the anointing of God moves a certain way different than the usual ways. Forgive me for shutting down the Prophetic Voices in my church for Fear that things could get out of hand. Lord help me to teach on these different gifting and encourage people to walk in their giftings. Lord, I am open to the Five-Fold ministry being in full operation in my congregation. Help me oh Lord to carry this out with full assurance in you!
Lord forgive me that I have acted as a gatekeeper not in the right way. Forgive me that I have not announced the different events where I know the Saints are standing up for Your Sake Lord, for righteous sake. I confess Lord that I know they are doing what I only wish I can do but feel I have been restrained from doing so. FORGIVE ME OH LORD for Not Supporting them when I could have supported them and help them move the ball forward, they are only standing for you!
Lord, I ask for your help. Help me to be bold and take courage and not fear the faces of my members, not fear man but instead fear God. (Joshua 1) May I have “Spirit of Ester” – If I perish, I perish but I will do from this day forward what thus sayth the Lord!