Stand up for Counseling Freedom: AB 2943 Vote Coming Soon


Join Thousands Who Plan to Greet Returning State Politicians with a Flood of AB 2943 Opposition Calls

California Politicians are coming back to the state capitol from summer recess on Monday, August 6th. Let’s greet them with an overwhelming number of calls asking them to vote “NO” on AB 2943. They need to know how much we value our freedom to preach Jesus’s message of hope and change.

This bill attacks the freedom of Christians, like those pictured above, to find the services and resources from counselors, schools, and faith-based organizations that help them live out their biblical convictions regarding sexual behavior and gender identity. Shouldn’t these people have the freedom to find true joy by embracing and living out their faith without government persecution? Read their testimonies of joy and change at

Vote Could Come Monday, August 6th

AB 2943 could be voted on by all the State’s Senators as soon as August 6. We have identified eight Senators who are most likely to listen to our appeal; their office numbers are below, along with the number to Governor Jerry Brown’s office. Let’s flood the offices of the Governor and these Senators so they know how much we value our freedom to follow our faith.

Please Join Monday’s “Day of Action” by calling the politicians listed below. 

Governor (Ask him to veto AB 2943)
Governor Edmund G. Brown (916) 445-2841

Senators (Ask them to vote no on AB 2943)
Ben Hueso (D)
Capitol Office (916) 651-4040, District Office (619) 409-7690

Richard D. Roth (D)
Capitol Office (916) 651-4031, District Office (951) 680-6750

Anthony J. Portantino (D)
Capitol Office (916) 651-4025, District Offices (818) 409-0400

Ed Hernandez (D)
Capitol Office (916) 651-4022, District Office (626) 430-2499

Connie M. Leyva (D)
Capitol Office (916) 651-4020, District Office (909) 888-5360

Bill Dodd (D)
Capitol Office (916) 651-4003, District Office (707) 224-1990

Steven Bradford (D)
Capitol Office (916) 651-4035, District Office (310) 412-6120

Holly J. Mitchell (D)
Capitol Office (916) 651-4030, District Office (213) 745-6656

It’s up to us!

Please stand with us for freedom of speech and religious liberty for all in the Golden State. And if possible, please consider a special contribution to CFC as we fight for your values in Sacramento.

Together, let’s remind legislators the First Amendment still applies to California!